The Drums of Fu Manchu

The Drums of Fu Manchu

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In this volume, n. 9 of 14 in the Fu Manchu series, we find that Fu has decided that, in the interest of world peace, all warlike European dictators must be brought to justice, either in their belligerent manner or die a grisly death. In reality, the good doctor is not so much interested in real-world peace, but rather in a situation that is more conducive to a possible takeover by his fan organization of Si. While the book appears to argue that Nazi and fascist dictators are preferable to the "yellow menace" of the Manchu man, however it shows that these men are presumptuous, arrogant and ready to be overthrown. The book is certainly racist (all other entries in the series to some degree), as the reviewers below point out, but at the same time it supports peace and common sense in the year before the outbreak of World War II. ..

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