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What if the Russians really worked with the Americans ... on the left?

# 1 New York Times bestselling author Newt Gingrich returns with this boisterous story of high-profile international intrigue, the first of a contemporary series of adventures, betrayals and politics that captures the tensions and divisions between America and today`s world.

Valerie Mayberry comes from a wealthy family that would be a royal family in any other country. Obsessive and compulsive, she is also the FBI`s counterintelligence expert on domestic terrorism.

Brett Garrett is a dishonorably fired former Navy SEAL with a secret opiate addiction. Gruff and relentlessly independent agent who refuses to obey the rules, the seasoned professional is now a weapon working as a security firm in Eastern Europe.

When a senior Kremlin official who knows a The plan to attack the United States must be smuggled under the nose of a Russian kleptocratic president like Putin and a ruthless general. Mayberry and Garret are put together to exfiltrate him and prevent a fatal poisoning.

While these unlikely partners work to protect their human assets, their mission is threatened by domestic politics: leftist protests, power struggles in Congress and a hate-torn culture. < / p>

Collusion raises many of the most important problems America faces in real life today. Is Russia our ally or our enemy? Are American left activists vulnerable to influence? How far will our enemies go to destroy our policies and weaken the nation? Can we trust the media to distinguish between good and evil?

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