The Gossamer Mage

The Gossamer Mage

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A new fantasy epic comes from an Aurora award-winning author in which a wizard must compete against an immortal goddess who controls all magic. Only in Tananas do people worship a single deity: the Immortal Goddess. Only in this forbidden little kingdom are there those who are obsessed with words that neither women nor men know. Words are your gift and they evoke magic. Wizard writers learn to write their words as intentions - spells to create animals or plants intended for any purpose. When an intention is wrong, the wizard creates a razor-thin creature: a magical creature as wild and free as it is dear to the wizard. For her, the gift has a high price. Any successful intention causes a wizard to age until he no longer dares to do so. But their magic wants to be used; the Immortal Goddess takes her reward and the wizards will die. To put an end to this terrible tribute, the greatest wizard of Tananen vows to find and destroy them. He has yet to learn that it is all that protects Tananen from what is waiting outside. And all of this keeps the magic alive.

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