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The Elf Thief

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[img][/img] [b]The Elf Thief is one of the world`s greatest legends. Zeke is a bit of a klutz. What started out as a silly lie turned into something much larger...[/b] Zeke Northwood lives in the small elven town of Re`Lus. Due to a handful of mistakes (and who doesn`t make a few of those?), everyone views him as the town idiot. Desiring to overcome this moniker and leave Re`Lus behind him, Zeke is thrilled when a human traveler invites him to join her in her search for the treasure-filled fortress, the Lost Citadel. While the journey wasn`t going to be so simple to begin with, recent developments might cause a slight change in plans. Lord Kutarm, a tyrant from the other side of Linsuk, has been taking over more and more lands by any means necessary. While Zeke had never paid him much mind, the recent rumors that Lord Kutarm wields an Arcane Staff piqued his interest. Knowing the location of another of these powerful weapons, Zeke and his new companion agree to head north and steal it before Kutarm learns its whereabouts. This shouldn`t be such a big deal, right? After all, Zeke is The Elf Thief! Except... he`s not. Zeke and his friends are on a journey that will lead them towards unknown evils, uprisings, and a handful of awkward interactions. Demons, undead, and a secret guardian stand between them and their goal. With the dark shadow of Lord Kutarm growing each day, they will ultimately have to choose whether to stand and fight, or leave the world to find some heroes that actually look the part.

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