The Haunted Air

The Haunted Air

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F. Paul Wilson`s dedicated, self-employed, out-of-the-ordinary fixer, Repairman Jack, returns to the weird in * The Haunted Air * for another intense, action-packed somewhat adventure. beyond the border. In the first place described in the bestseller * * The Tomb years ago, Jack was the hero of a series of exciting novels various locations in New York City, including Legacies * * * * Conspiracies, All the Rage * * and * * Host . "Repairman Jack is a wonderful, ultra-competent, yet still vulnerable character. Wilson advances towards and owns X-Files territory, keeping the action flowing and the escalating tension," said the San Francisco Examiner Chronicle `. * Repairman Jack doesn`t believe a house can be haunted. But he`s in the process of changing that tune. . It started out as a finch, an evening excursion from a boring party at a half house where Jack was dragged as a reluctant participant. But as Jack and Gia step on the threshold, the house and the earth itself shake with a tortured scream. Menelaus Manor sits on a large geological fault known as the Cameron Line. But this is not the only problem. The house has a terrible history. The original owner died of cancer; his son blew his brain into the cellar; the couple who bought the next were found dead in their bed with their throats cut; Soon after, a child was horribly mutilated in an upstairs bedroom. The current owners, Lyle and Charlie Kenton, clever professionals of spiritualistic sleight of hand, use high-tech tricks to fool their tracks. Maybe they are too good: they have also attracted a lot of customers from other media and are now being attacked. Unable to go to the police for fear of exposing their scams, they hire Repairman Jack to solve their problem. Jack accepts the job and discovers that he will solve the situation by indulging in one of his favorite pastimes: cheating on a cheater. But you soon learn that there is more to this professional jealousy solution in the obsessed business sector. The earthquake marked the awakening of something in Menelaus Manor, something that was once a person, a being filled with anger and brought back for a purpose. But this entity has its own agenda. . . Before he does, Jack travels from the gritty world of psychological fraud to the inner circle of a well-connected murder cult and finally to the dark heart of madness where he must make a deal with an angry being, which is made up of the dead.

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