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In * Gateways *, Jack travels to Florida when he discovers that his father is in a coma after a car accident. At the hospital, Jack meets the odd old Anya, a neighbor of his father who seems to know a lot about his family.

In a remote area of the Everglades, a young woman named Semelee becomes one strange talent and living with a group of deformed men, he feels the presence of Jack. She feels that he is as "special" as she is.

In her father`s senior community, Gateways South, there is a ban on watering. Florida is experiencing an unusual drought and everything is brown and withered. Everything except Anya`s lawn, which is deep green.

Who is Anya? Who is Semelee and what is their connection to the recent strange deaths of Gateways residents? And what are the "lights" that Jack keeps hearing about? Lights that shine from a sinkhole deep in the Everglades twice a year. . . Lights from another place, another reality.

If Jack wants to protect his father from becoming the next death in Gateways, he must answer questions and uncover dangerous secrets.

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