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Repairman Jack is back! As an anonymous mercenary with no surname and no social security number, Jack has delighted an army of readers since his bestselling debut in The Tomb. Jack can solve any problem, supernatural or not, at a price. Now, in his latest thrilling adventure, he faces two cases simultaneously. In the first case, a nun is blackmailed by someone who has photos of her that she doesn`t want to publish. She doesn`t say what can be seen in these photos, but with her meager savings nearly exhausted, she hires Jack to help her. But to find his prey, Jack must infiltrate the Dormentalist Church, a mysterious global sect that includes some of the biggest and most powerful names in entertainment, sports and politics. ruthlessly in its search for critics and enemies, the church hides a sinister agenda known only to its ruling elite. But Jack can also be ruthless and darker than ever when he thwarts the two repair jobs to make the deadliest of scores!

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