A Journal of the Plague Year

A Journal of the Plague Year

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The Project Gutenberg EBook of A Journal of the Pest Year , by Daniel Defoe

Defoe`s report on the bubonic plague that struck London in 1665 , remains as alive as it is heartbreaking. Based on Defoe`s childhood memories and surprising research, A Journal of the Pest Year moves on the line between fiction, history and reportage. Daily life in a besieged city is reproduced in minute and not very sentimental details; the precautions and often cruel medical practices of the time; the panic of a frightened citizenry; and the lonely struggles of Defoe`s narrator, a man who chooses to stay in town all the time and keeps an eye on the course of events. Defoe`s diary remains perhaps the best account of a natural disaster ever written.

The novel is a fictional account of the experience of a man in 1665 in the London-haunted Great Plague City . The book is told roughly in chronological order, but without sections or chapter titles.

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