The Photographer`s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone

The Photographer`s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone

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In photographing people you can have great composition, perfect lighting, and the right camera settings, but if the subject doesn`t look right (if the pose isn`t right) the shot won`t stop. Posing is truly a core skill that photographers must have in order to create great photos. If you`re looking to improve your ability to pose subjects - be they men, women, couples or groups - bestselling author and photographer Lindsay Adler The Photographers Guide to Pose: Techniques to Flatter Everyone is the perfect asset for her. In the first half of The Photographers` Guide to Posing , Lindsay explains how the camera sees and how the camera angle, lens choice and perspective affect the appearance of your subject. Lindsay then covers the five things that spoil a pose - such as hand placement and subject expression and posture. If you can pay attention to these five things and avoid them, your skills (and images) will improve rapidly. Next, Lindsay dives into the "basics of pose" and outlines her approach by starting with a "basic stance" and building upon it in order to create endless possibilities in posing. It also discusses facing poses - with specific sections dedicated to the chin, jaw, eyes and forehead - as well as poses for the hands. In the second half of the book, Lindsay devotes entire chapters to depicting specific themes: women, men, couples, curvy women, families and small groups and large groups. In each chapter, Lindsay goes to the specific challenge this discussion one, offers five "go-to poses" that you can always use, and explains how you can train your eye to the best pose for your Object (s) to be determined. . In the final chapter of the book, Lindsay puts it all together with teaching you how to analyze a pose so that you can create infinite pose possibilities and continually improve your work.

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