Octavia Gone

Octavia Gone

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After being lost in space for eleven years, Gabe finally returns triumphant to reunite with Alex and Chase and recover a potentially alien artifact - which could lead them to solve the biggest archaeological mystery of their career in episode eight Alex Benedict. to solve series. Upon his return from space, Gabe tries to find a new life for himself after being presumed dead, just as Alex and Chase try to live and work again without him. But when a seemingly alien artifact disappears from Gabe`s old collection, it gives the group a chance to dive once again as a team to solve the mystery of its origins. When a clue to the artifact is linked to the only unrecorded journey of a dead pilot , another clue seems to lead to one of the greatest enduring mysteries of the time: the infamous disappearance of a team of scientists aboard a space station in orbits a black hole - the Amelia Earhart of its time. With any luck, Alex, Chase and Gabe could be on the trail of the greatest archaeological discovery of their careers ... In Octavia Gone the Nebula Award McDevitt, whom Stephen King described as "the logical heir of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke "" created another great science fiction mystery in his beloved Alex Benedict series.

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