Power Play

Power Play

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Gross business.

Wesley Pruiss was just a misunderstood and misled publishing entrepreneur. The dirtier his little magazine became, the more money he made. There seemed to be no limit to dirt and money. Its colorful monthly report called Gross soon spawned a chain of slippery nightclubs ("grossouts"), and now a spectacular film was scheduled. Disgusting even anti-American.

Enter Remo and Chiun. Don`t destroy, protect! Disgusting, but very American.

Who wants to kill a dirty publisher? Why bother with the ugliest and most depraved publication in history?

Sure, because of the oil industry and its concern for the growth of solar energy. Oil moves the world. It would be perverse to think otherwise.

.. as you will soon learn in this 36th volume of the violent Chronicle of the Destroyer, the invincible destroyer of the world of Sinanju.

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