Chained Reaction

Chained Reaction

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Black is not only beautiful, but Ruby Gonzalez too. . . the savage CIA lady with a sure cure for Remo and Chiun. Remo Williams cannot forget that he was once a Newark cop. But if you are the destroyer you need some humility. The yellow, the value of gold, the texture of the parchment, the very color of the source of the sun . . and in the unfathomable, insurmountable Chiun, a true galaxy of wisdom and power. And fun in a riot. It will all be over when the idiots of the south with whips and chains and the madmen of the north with money try to cut business costs by taking slavery to new levels of efficiency. The destroyer proves, with a little help from his two friends, that billions of dollars and armies of thugs are not enough. Then Dollar and Ruby will. . .

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