Win, Lose Or Die

Win, Lose Or Die

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James Bond 007 reluctantly returns to active duty, his mission to protect an observer of a NATO exercise, Admiral Sergei Yevgennevich Pauker, commander-in-chief of the Soviet navy.

From Publishers Weekly

Fortunately for Gardner, die-hard James Bond fans tend to overlook the lack of credibility and characterization in this latest thriller with the super spy. The heads of state and government of Great Britain, Russia and the United States are planning a top-secret summit aboard the HMS Invincible. We never know what they`re trying to talk about, but we do know that BAST (Brotherhood of Anarchy and Secret Terror) lives up to a deep meanness. After being made aware of the threat, the British Secret Service James Bond sent to protect the "heads of state". Bond is promoted to captain, trained on Harrier jump jets, and escapes death when a Sidewinder missile intercepts his trajectory. Human threats include "The Cat", a mysterious terrorist, and "The Viper", the head of BAST. Before an inert confrontation with the boss in the Rock of Gibraltar, there is a confrontation with the villain boss Bassam Baradj, mad "born as simple Robert Besavitsky, in the old Hell`s Kitchen area of New York".

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