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While on vacation in Victoria, British Columbia, James Bond becomes Lee Fu-Chu, a half Blackfoot, half Chinese philanthropist known as "Brokenclaw" due to a deformed hand. Upon his return to the UK, Bond is tasked with investigating the kidnapping of scientists working on a new underwater detection system. It is clear that Brokenclaw was behind the kidnapping, and worse, he has a devastating plan to bring about economic collapse through the collapse of the dollar. Bond has no choice but to enter his hiding place ...

From Publishers Weekly

Undersea detection secrets excerpt from the Chinese battles of James Bond Brokenclaw , the sexually insatiable evil man whose nickname is a nod to a deformed left hand. "Bond is both abusive and racist," said PW, warning that he threatened and actual brutality towards women and derogatory comments about Asians are just some of the flaws in this novel.

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