Churchill`s Triumph: A Novel of Betrayal

Churchill`s Triumph: A Novel of Betrayal

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For eight days, beginning on Saturday 3 February 1945, the most powerful men in the world - Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin - met in the Black Sea spa town of Yalta, where they divided Europe in the most important conference of the previous century. Narrated from Churchill`s point of view, this novel takes you behind the scenes and takes you into the minds and hearts of three great leaders: the dominant and seemingly all-powerful Joseph Stalin with the largest army and the mission to expand the Soviet empire; a sick and frail Roosevelt willing to compromise whatever he thought necessary to bring Stalin and Russia into the final campaign against Japan; and Churchill, the weakest of the three but the most far-sighted, who could not count on Roosevelt as his ally and could not tame the mean Russian bear determined to devour the nations around him and beyond. Like a fly on the wall of history, the reader becomes a hidden witness of these monumental negotiations, witnesses of negotiations that betray the heroic struggle of millions of dead and fought in the First World War. Meanwhile, a Polish count appears in Churchill`s suite who has taken on the role of a deceased soldier to reveal one of the great unknown secrets of this time: the systematic execution of thousands of Polish officers in Katyn by the Soviets, murder mass that the Russians eventually attacked the Germans blamed it. His courageous opposition to the occupation of his village by the German army and the fate of his village by the victorious Russian army serve as a deeply moving under-description of the larger story. Churchill`s Triumph allows the reader to hear the most powerful men in the world as they lie, cheat and cheat each other as they strive to reach an agreement and secure their place in history.

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