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Internationally celebrated and deeply moving, Richard Flanagan`s Wanting is a breathtaking story of colonialism, ambition and desires and desires that make us human. Now in paperback, it unites two icons of Western civilization through a legendary catastrophic exploration of the Arctic and one of the most infamous episodes in human history: the colonization of Tasmania.

In 1841 Sir John Franklin and his wife became Lady Jane and moved to the remote penal colony of Van Diemen`s Land, now Tasmania. There Lady Jane falls in love with Mathinna, a lively Aboriginal girl, who adopts her and makes her the subject of a great experiment of civilization, which will determine whether science, Christianity and reason will take the place of ferocity, impulsiveness and desire.

A quarter of a century passes. Sir John Franklin disappears with his crew and two ships in the Arctic on an expedition to find the legendary Northwest Passage. England is shocked by cannibalism reports rejected by research groups, none other than the most famous writer of the time, Charles Dickens. When Franklin`s story becomes a means of exploring the frozen depths of his own life, Dickens finds a young actress who melts his heart.

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