Able Seacat Simon: The Wartime Hero of the High Seas

Able Seacat Simon: The Wartime Hero of the High Seas

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Inspired by a true story, this is the fictional reinterpretation of Simon`s adventures and exploits in the dangerous oceans of war in "Able Seacat".

Simon is in Hong Kong is set in 1948 and has a British sailor who takes pity on malnourished kittens aboard the smuggled HMS Amethyst . The young cat quickly got used to their new home on the water, establishing himself as the main Pied Piper and capturing the hearts of the entire crew at once.

Then Amethyst comes ordered, the Yangtze sets sail to take the guard post at the British embassy, and it will be a tragedy when the Communist cannon ship fired. Many crew members are killed and Simon is among the seriously injured. Fortunately, the brave cat has fully recovered from the ship`s doctor and is soon spending time with the injured in the area, purring and keeping their spirits up. Word of Simon`s heroism spreads and is world famous , but there is still a long way back to the UK for both the crew and the brave cat known as "Able Seacat Simon" ...


`the story of the brave orphaned kitten Simon, who was rescued from the docks of Hong Kong in 1948 to join the crew of HMS Amethyst , can`t miss, even clams to warm the coldest heart ... Barrett Lee, the trials and tribulations of life on board through the eyes of their feline protagonist bright new front ... carefully researched, this is more than a moving story of animals: it is also an inspiration and an informative story. This is great historical fiction - and a must for any cat lover `( The Lady )

` During the 1949 Yangtze accident, HMS Amethyst lost 22 crew members and was trapped for three months before escaping. On board was a kitten who was adopted in Hong Kong by a Amethyst -Seemann. This is the nerve-wracking story of Able Seacat Simon `( My Weekly )

` Herzwärmend `( Lucky Break )

About the author

Lynne Barrett-Lee is a successful writer and ghostwriter with multiple Sunday Times best-selling titles to her name, including the dark dramas of Bradford`s Julie Shaw series and the worldwide bestseller The Girl With No Name , which has been translated into 26 languages . Your new best seller Able Seacat Simon was recently adapted for children. If she isn`t busy writing books, Lynne teaches a romance class at Cardiff University and writes a weekly column for The Western Mail . To learn more about Lynne and her books, visit

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