The History of England. Volume I, Foundation

The History of England. Volume I, Foundation

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After Peter Ackroyd wrote exciting biographies about London and its great River Thames, he now turns to England itself. This first six-part volume takes us from the time England was colonized over 15,000 years ago to the death of the first Tudor monarch, Henry VII. In 1509. In it, Ackroyd takes us out of Neolithic England, which we see only in the most attractive looks can - a stirrup found in a tomb, some seeds at the bottom of a bowl - in the long period of Roman rule; from the Middle Ages, when England was invaded by an incessant flow of Angles, Saxons and Jutes, to the double glories of medieval England - its great churches and monasteries and its common law. With his extraordinary ability to evoke time and place, he tells the well-known story of royal succession in lush prose with deep insight and some startling detail. The food we ate, the clothes we wore, the punishments we endured, even the jokes we told are all here.

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