Strike Zone

Strike Zone

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In the Nevada desert, the high-tech future of warfare was designed and built in a top secret military facility called the Dreamland Strike Zone.

A The Asian war that is about to happen has turned into a nuclear nightmare has been stopped thanks to the brute courage, unparalleled skill and total dedication of the Dreamland troop. But analysis of radar data revealed the presence of an unknown super weapon in the area: a robotic warplane with fearsome capabilities known as a "phantom clone." While strikingly similar to Dreamland`s U / MF Flighthawk, no one knows where this fearsome instrument of destruction came from, but a rogue nation owned by a squadron of their own could wreak unimaginable chaos in an unsuspecting free world. Now nothing less than a brazen and brilliantly crafted deception will lure the phantom clone from its hiding place - and only a bold strike on enemy soil can ward off a tomorrow too terrible to consider ... if it`s not already too late.

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