Shadow Command

Shadow Command

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General Patrick McLanahan`s new aerospace battle force has developed into a full-fledged task force based on the Armstrong space station. ABF`s powerful network of satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles offers almost instant access to space and every corner of the world, with the Black Stallion spacecraft and can not only attack any any destination point on the planet in hours, but also penetrate into any computer network as easy as a phone call.

But the program has its critics and doomsday criminals, including Russia, the United Nations and the American press. Wealthy, Western educated and cultured Russian President Leonid Zevitin uses a combination of top-secret anti-spaceship weapons, scare tactics, and new US President Joseph Gardner`s own selfishness in an effective plan to eradicate support for the space program. Gardner and his allies in Congress and the Pentagon will stop at nothing - even if they destroy one of their own -. To get what they want

Still, McLanahan and his troops, the Russian, refuse to resist aggression. McLanahan ignores orders from the White House and the Pentagon to step down and orders from the ABF to attack Russian secret bases in Iran.

immediate arrest orders President Gardner of McLanahan. But before authorities can throw him in jail, they have to figure out how to get him back from the space base orbiting the Earth. McLanahan currently controls aerospace forces from the Armstrong space station and closely follows Russia`s arms movements as he defends himself against attempts by the president to discredit him. In a race against time, McLanahan must defeat his compatriots, defeat the Russians and unearth the truth. . or die trying.

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