Act of War

Act of War

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from the corridors of power to

Washington to the war front

Speaking of terror, Dale Brown takes you to the

to the heart of the action and presents his

the most interesting character yet

In the act of war, Dale Brown goes beyond beyond anything. He did it before, introducing readers to the new world of intelligence warfare and introducing a cutting-edge new hero: Thirty-two year Army Senior Jason Richter, designer of a whole host of futuristic infantry weapons and devices designed to face a new generation of Hunt enemies with unprecedented speed and lethality. With all the thrilling battle scenes and skilled military maneuvers that have become the trademark of this New York Times best-selling author, this is an intense, action-packed show that combines geopolitics, terrorism and warfare.

in the vicinity of Houston, Texas, an oil refinery of one of the largest multinational energy companies in the world is destroyed by a "backpack" atomic bomb. This is just one of many attacks on corporations across the globe by a group whose mission is to prevent multinationals and government organizations from plundering the planet`s natural resources in the name of profit.

Before this group of strikes once again, Jason Richter and his top secret high-tech military unit, codenamed Task force Talon a joint military special and FBI unit set up by the National Security Advisor to track them down, he is called upon to defeat terrorists and around the world. Richter believes there is only one strategy to capture your opponents: find, chase, attack and kill. And the only way to do that is to play their own game: to be funky and fast, to walk away and brutal enough to terrify the heart of the most devoted terrorist. Richter also has to lead the way through a series of unexpected twists and turns that ultimately reveal a high bulk up to the government seeking its own personal revenge.

When Richter fails, not only is his team`s life lost, but America itself.

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