The Harmony Silk Factory

The Harmony Silk Factory

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Joseph Conrad, W. Somerset Maugham and Anthony Burgess shaped our perception of Malaysia. In Tash Aw we now have an authentic Malay voice recreating this literary landscape.

The Harmony Silk Factory follows the story of fabric merchant Johnny Lim, a Chinese farmer who lived in British Malaysia during the first half of 20th century. Johnny`s Factory is the most impressive structure in the area, and to the people of Kinta Valley, Johnny is a hero, a Communist who fought the Japanese in the invasion, ready to sacrifice his life for the welfare of his people. But to his son Jasper, Johnny is a con man and co-worker who betrayed the very people he purported to serve, and the Harmony Silk Factory is just a front for his father`s illegal business. This debut novel by Tash Aw gives us an exquisitely written insight into another culture in times of crisis.

The Harmony Silk Factory won the 2005 Whitbread First Novel Award and entered the 2005 Man Booker Longlist.

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