Double Vision

Double Vision

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This gripping novel examines the effects of violence on journalists and artists who have devoted themselves to its portrayal.

After September 11, struck by the effects of the news is from New York City, two British journalists, a writer, Stephen Sharkey, and a photographer, Ben Frobisher, are separating. Stephen returns to England destroyed; divorces his double wife and quits his job. Ben pursues the war on terror in Afghanistan and is killed.

Stephen retires to a cottage in the countryside to write a book about violence and what he tells as a journalist or photographer he sees complicity in this. Ben`s widow Kate, a sculptor, lives nearby and as she and Stephen learn from each other, their world quickly shrinks, in a pleasant but eerie way. The disturbing events that begin in this small town, so far removed from the war theaters from which Stephen has retired, will force him to act instinctively and violently and face his most painful revelations about himself.

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