The Decline and Fall of Civilisations

The Decline and Fall of Civilisations

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One of the biggest mistakes of the "modern world" is the term "progress". We imagine that the whole of history culminates in a Darwinian march towards Western civilization. We consider our "progressive values" of liberalism, complacency, materialism, universal human rights, multiculturalism ... as uniquely "enlightened". What we are going through is nothing new. Civilizations have for millennia gone through the same processes recorded by the sages of Greece, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, the Aztecs of America and India - characteristics that are now celebrated as the epitome of "progress" have become symptoms throughout history. terminally ill civilization. Our "progressive" scientists and politicians assure us that there has never been an "enlightened" civilization like ours, and US strategists perversely tell us that the West has reached the pinnacle of human history - a blessing for everyone. corner of the world Whether through Hollywood or through bombs. In The Decline and Fall of Civilizations, Dr. Es investigates ethnic groups, each with their own "soul" expressed in various ways. Furthermore, Dr. Bolton also their political and religious leaders, their philosophers and sages who, at the height of material wealth, hedonism and decadence, could foresee the end of their own civilization. Dr. Bolton rejects the materialistic assumptions about "race" and history from both the "left" and the right, but concludes that there may still be a culture that has yet to fulfill its destiny while preserving all that is of value in the West is revitalized.

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