Ink Exchange

Ink Exchange

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Unknown to mortals, a power struggle takes place in a world full of shadows and dangers. After centuries of stability, the balance between the fairy courts has changed and Irial, the ruler of the Dark Court, struggles to keep his rebellious and barely vulnerable fairies together. If he fails, bloodshed and brutality will ensue.

17-year-old Leslie knows nothing about fairies or their intrigues. When she is drawn to a strangely beautiful eye and wing tattoo, all she knows is that she must have it, convinced that it is a tangible symbol of the change she desperately desires in her own life.

The tattoo brings about change - not the kind Leslie dreamed of, but disturbing and compelling changes that are more than just symbolic. These changes will bind Leslie and Irial together and draw Leslie deeper and deeper into the fairy world, unable to resist its charms and powerless to resist its dangers. .

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