Bitter Truth

Bitter Truth

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A corrupt legal career defending mafia perpetrators, delinquents and other human scum has left Philadelphia lawyer Victor Carl exhausted and angry - until a new client runs away and offers him a great day of pay. A desperate descendant of an important Main Line dynasty, Caroline Shaw wants me to prove that her sister Jacqueline`s recent suicide was indeed a murder before Caroline suffers a similar fate. It`s a case that catapults Carl out of his court element and into a gloomy world filled with fabulous riches, bloody family legacies, and dark secrets. Victor Carl would do nothing better than collect his high fee and get out of it alive. But a bitter truth drags him dangerously over his head and ever closer to the heartbreaking revelation that the most terrible of all darkness lies not in the heart of a Central American jungle ... but in man`s twisted soul.

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