Remote Control

Remote Control

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A Special Air Service agent on the run in a suburb of America with the seven-year-old daughter of a murdered colleague. It looks like the latest vehicle from Bruce Willis who plays the little girl from the Pepsi commercial. But McNab, himself a former SAS agent and author of two non-fiction books on the subject, manages to balance cliché and cuteness with a healthy dose of craftsmanship thanks to his 17 years of undercover experience. When Nick Stone describes how to maintain a fictitious address or reveal the secrets to trace a call from a pay phone, the details seem real and help us to overcome some of the most ridiculous bumps in its history. Stone, who is chasing two Irish terrorists from London to Washington, is suddenly ordered to take the first available flight home. His old friend Kevin Brown, now with the Drug Enforcement Agency, lives nearby, so Nick decides to drop by. Find a slaughterhouse: Kev, his wife and youngest daughter were killed, but daughter Kelly survived in a special hideout. Looking for information from the shocked child, Stone links the killers to the CIA, the DEA, or his own organization, meaning he and Kelly are on the run from anyone. As Nick drags the brave boy from one seedy motel to another, filling her with junk food and teaching her the basics of espionage, he compiles a picture of why Kevin and his family were killed, a link between a terrorist attack in Gibraltar in 1988, the Colombian drug cartel and the high-ranking intelligence agency Skullduggery. The vast network of sinister collaborations isn`t surprising, but McNab reliably delivers credible real-world details and grabs readers` attention with constant, thoughtful prose to the predictable but satisfying end . (June) Sincerely: Remote Control was the Sunday Times London bestseller for seven weeks. Due to McNab`s SAS involvement and his wanted status with several terrorist groups, he does not appear in public.

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