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Helsinki, December 1999. Nick Stone, ex-SAS, now a "K" working for British intelligence on deniable operations, is tough, resourceful, ruthless, highly skilled - and has a desperate need money ...

He`s been offered the lucrative freelance job of kidnapping a mafia warlord and taking him to St. Petersburg, and it seems his troubles are over. Actually, I`m just getting started.

Stone enters the desolate underworld of the former Soviet Republic of Estonia, where unknown invaders roam the Arctic landscape, and soon finds himself among still irreconcilable enemies. Because Russia has launched a concerted offensive cyber espionage to violate some of the most sensitive military secrets West. American and British intelligence agencies are determined to counter it. And the mafia is waiting in the wings with its frighteningly brutal solution ...

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Vulcan`s Fire

In this explosive series of New York Times bestseller Harold Coyle and famed military writer Barrett Tillman, private paramilitary companies wage a new kind of war at the orders of the highest bidder. With its military and intelligence agencies few and far between, the United States always uses these organizations, and Strategic Solutions, Inc. is one of the best.

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Dark Legend


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