Brute Force

Brute Force

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Nick Stone`s 11th adventure shows McNab in his best explosive form!

A cargo ship is presented by the authorities of the coast of Spain, loaded up to the parapet with enough weapons and ammunition to starting a war ...

Twenty years later an unknown attacker seems to want to exterminate one by one those responsible for the betrayal . And Nick Stone - former SAS, tough, resourceful, ruthless, highly skilled - is next on the assassin list ...

The fuse ignites ... and Stone is catapulted into his most arduous mission to date, a mission that takes him across two continents and into the darkest corners of his complex past. But first he must find a man who has shared that past and who may know more about the current threat than he is willing to reveal.

As the two are chased across the sea and the desert, they become increasingly entangled in a deadly web of betrayals, of which Stone himself unknowingly holds the key. And in a final confrontation that reflects his worst nightmares, only he can stop the unthinkable and save the lives of his loved ones.

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