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The new breathtaking thriller from the master of the genre.

Nick Stone seems to be living his dream no matter how he gets into his camper. he runs surf and skydiving centers in Australia, a board on the roof, a free-fall rig behind him and a handsome young backpacker by his side. But when he witnessed the slaughter of children during a terrorist siege on the other side of the world on television, long-repressed memories were awakened and Nick was catapulted back to work for US intelligence, only this time of his own free will. .

As events unfold in the desolate medieval villages of Azerbaijan and the crowded streets of modern Istanbul, it doesn`t take long for Nick to discover the true destination of the mission he embarked on. His talents are abused by those who haunt the corridors of power, and he is determined to take a stand.

Pursued at breakneck speed through a deadly landscape of ever-changing greed, violence and loyalty, the reader will have no doubt that McNab is the master of the genre - and Aggressor is McNab in his most ardent form of success.

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