Vendetta in Spain

Vendetta in Spain

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Vendetta in Spain

Readers of The Spanish Golden and other books in which the glamorous Lucretia-Jose appears with the Duke of Richleau, remember perhaps because their lineage has been shrouded in mystery. Over the years many people have written to ask for a report on the great love story that led to their birth.

History takes us back to Spain in 1906, when the Duke did not have his father was successful and was still the Count of Quesnoy. It is not easy for us these days to see that less than fifty years ago, there was hardly a monarch or president who could get out of bed in the morning with the certainty of getting through the day. Anarchism permeated every country in Europe. Not a night passed without groups of fanatics gathered in basements slowly experimenting with knives, guns or bombs against the police; Not a month spent without a king or high official victim falling to their plots.

In Spain, a historic bomb attack that killed or injured innocent people was abundant revenge for de Quesnoy to swear to the killers. His attempt to penetrate anarchist circles in Barcelona nearly cost him his life. He hunted in San Sebastian, Granada and Cadiz and was hunted by them in a merciless campaign of revenge. Only after two years did she end up in one last desperate risk with death.

In this context of true story, subtle intrigues, sudden violence, terrorism, blackmail and tension, the bitter-sweet love story develops between the young gallant de Quesnoy and the beautiful Condesa Gulia, the wife of a friend she loves and honors. Their frustrated passion leads to a dissolution which competes in surprisingly stunning effect with the result of his revenge against the anarchists.

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