The Legion of Flame

The Legion of Flame

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Empires collide and a lesser power claims its position in the second part of a new series by the New York Times bestselling author of the Raven`s Shadow trilogy. For centuries, the vast Ironship Trading Syndicate has relied on the blood of dragons - and the extraordinary powers it bestows on those known as the Blessed Bloods - to strengthen and protect its empire. But now a frightening force has arisen: a dragon so powerful that the world will tremble before it. Bloodthirsty villain Claydon Torcreek, Syndicate agent Lizanne Lethridge, and iron ship captain Corrick Hilemore embark on perilous missions to find clues that spark faint hope of rescue. As the world burns around them and the fires of revolution are kindled, these few are the last hope for the Empire and for all civilization.

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