The Thousand Cities

The Thousand Cities

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A new dazzling fantasy for all fans of the Videssos cycle!

While the sun shone from the golden domes of the city of Videssos, Abivard, Marshal of Makuran and son of , Godarz shone , meditated on the impossible. How could he have carried out the order of Sharbaraz, the king of kings, to destroy the invincible empire of Videssos?

Then, contrary to expectations, the emperor of Videssos invaded Makuran himself. Abivard was put on the defensive and forced home to drive the invaders out of the fabled land of the A Thousand Cities .

Abivard needed not only his greatest martial arts, but also his most powerful wizards, because no one doubted that Videsian military strategy would be accompanied by the finest witchcraft. Yet even when reality turned upside down and the renegades plotted the downfall of Abivard, the intrepid warrior swore never to give up. .

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