Cleopatra’s Daughter

Cleopatra’s Daughter

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Follow the incredible lives of Cleopatra`s surviving children with Marc Antony: twins Alexander Helios and Cleopatra Selene and a younger son named Ptolemy. All three were taken to Rome and marched through the streets, then raised by Octavia (the woman Mark Antony left for Cleopatra). Grown up in one of the most fascinating courts of all time, Cleopatra`s children met Ovid, Seneca, Vitruvius (who inspired the Vitruvian man), Agrippa (who built the Pantheon), Herod, his sister Salome, the poets Virgil, Horace, Maecenas and many others!


The marriage of Mark Antony and Cleopatra is one of the greatest love stories of all time, a story of unbridled passion with political consequences shocking. Feared and hunted by the strong powers of Rome, the lovers choose to die alone when the triumphant armies of the vengeful rival Octavian march into Egypt. His three orphaned children are brought to Rome in chains; only two - ten-year-old twins Selene and Alexander - survive the trip. Delivered into the family of Octavian`s sister, the brothers cling to each other and hope that one day they will return to their rightful place on the Egyptian throne. As they grow, the personal ambitions of Octavian`s family and court, the omnipresent threat of slave rebellion, and the longings and desires deeply inflame their own hearts.

The fateful story of Selene and Alessandro is brilliantly brought to life in Cleopatra`s daughter Told with Selene`s young and captivating voice, it convinces the cast of the previous historical figures: Octavia, benevolent and compassionate sister of the emperor Octavian, left by Marc Antony for Cleopatra; Livia, Octavian`s bitter and jealous wife; Marcello, handsome and flirtatious nephew and heir to the throne of Octavian; Tiberius, Livia`s sardonic son and Marcello`s great rival for power; and Juba, Octavian`s attentive assistant, whose honorable position at court had far-reaching implications for the life of the young Egyptian royal family.

Selene`s narrative is inspired by the concerns of a young girl, always and everywhere: the opportunity to find love, the attraction of friendship and family and pursuit of his unique interests and talents. As Selene deals with the loss of her family and ancestral kingdom, she must find a way to avoid the dangers of a foreign land. His accounts of life in Rome are full of historical details that vividly capture both the glory and the horror of the time. Dine with the empire`s most famous poets and politicians, witness the creation of the pantheon, and browse the city`s colorful and crowded markets, where Roman-style justice is done with merciless authority.

Based on careful research, The daughter of Cleopatra is a fascinating portrait of imperial Rome and the people and events of this glorious and turbulent period of human history. Emerged from the shadows of the past, Selene, a young woman of irresistible charm and supernatural intelligence, will win your heart.

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