Operation Caribe

Operation Caribe

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Modern Pirates of the Caribbean

Terror haunts the Bahamas. Someone kills wealthy sea travelers, leaving no clues as to the identity of the looters and no trace of the bodies of their victims. The Bahamian police are baffled and if a Coast Guard boat is discovered on a reef and its agents are killed, the tourism authorities realize they need outside help or this crime wave will ruin the biggest business of the Bahamas. Island.

Team Whiskey, US soldiers have become pirate hunters, clashed with Somali pirates, plundered millions of dollars in stolen goods and thwarted other acts of piracy on the high seas. They race to bring a band of unscrupulous Caribbean pirates to land, but before they can tie the knack, they have a deal pending with the pirate king of Asia. When they return, they face a more deadly threat than piracy, a conspiracy that will lift the skies of the Caribbean unless pirate hunters can do what not even the US Navy cannot ...

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