King of Kings

King of Kings

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[url = http: //] [img] [/ img] [/ url] The long-awaited sequel to Wilbur Smith`s world bestseller The Triumph of the Sun. An epic tale of love, betrayal, courage and war that brings together two of Wilbur Smith`s greatest families in this highly anticipated sequel to his worldwide bestseller, Triumph of the Sun. Cairo, 1888. A beautiful September day. Penrod Ballantyne and his girlfriend Amber Benbrook walk hand in hand. The future is theirs. But when Penrod`s jealous ex-lover Lady Agatha doubts his character, Amber leaves him and travels with her twin sister Saffron and her adventurous husband Ryder Courtney to the wilds of Abyssinia. On a mission to build a silver mine, they embark on the perilous journey to the new capital Addis Ababa, where they are received by Menelik, king of kings. But Italy has plans for Abyssinia, and there are rumors of an invasion plan ... Back in Cairo, a devastated Penrod seeks oblivion in the city`s opium dens. When he is rescued by his old friend Lorenzo De Fonseca, now in the Italian army, and gives him the opportunity to assess the situation around the Abyssinian border, Penrod takes the opportunity to act. Will Penrod and Amber manage to find each other despite the gathering storm clouds and on opposite sides of the invasion despite all the adversities?

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