Thraxas and the Ice Dragon

Thraxas and the Ice Dragon

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Accompanied by Lisutaris, the leader of the wizarding guild, Thraxas and Makri land ashore in the distant land of Samsarina. After a miserable trip on a leaky fishing boat, Thraxas just wants to drink beer, but there are other things to do. Turai has fallen to the enemy and the armies of the west are gathering. Before the war breaks out, there is the great sword fighting tournament, which gives Thraxas the chance to gamble almost unlimited if only he can get Makri to participate. Makri is surprised that she cares for a baby dragon and even more surprised that Thraxas has a romantic past that leads her to a murder investigation in an unknown land where hostile forces oppose them at all times. This is the ninth book in the Thraxas series.

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