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The epic of island life that gripped Finland The winner of the Finland Award Nominated for the Nordic Criti Prize

It is the summer of 1946. A Lutheran novice, his wife and young daughter arrive on a windswept island off the coast of Finland, where they are greeted by a thrifty and self-sufficient community of fishermen who have become reluctant farmers. In this deeply evocative and quietly epic narrative, Lundberg irresistibly draws us into a life and mindset far removed from our own with an abundance of everyday details - stoic and pious, but touched by humor and an inclination to sing. With each season of the year the young family`s love for the island and its scattered and scattered inhabitants grows, and when winter brings ice, new and precarious connections are created.

Concise and simple prose tells that reflects the no-frills style of the islanders. This is a disturbing and heartbreaking story.

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