The Yips

The Yips

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Storm clouds gather over the bar of the less upscale Thistle Hotel. Stuart Ransom, a jet set, supermodel-chasing pro golfer with a flamboyant ego and a career nearing the end of a spectacular decline, drinks his way through the night. Desperate for attention, he has casual conversations with anyone who listens to him. But when he jokes with Jen, the mischievous bartender with a knack for telling great stories that rivals only Stuart`s, the night takes an extraordinary turn. Among those involved in the ongoing drama are a tattoo artist with a crazy mother and love for everything from the 1940s; a free-thinking Muslim sex therapist and his much more conservative wife; the mysterious Vicki, sister of Stuart`s rebellious but curiously devoted manager; and a misguided pastor of the Church of England and her husband Gene, the ill-fated bartender of the Thistle. They are a very fun and quirky group, but they have more to offer than meets the eye. “Questions arise about what it means to be consumed by love or lust, by shame, by the desire to be someone else or nobody” (The Guardian), and The Yips unites them in a captivating and intoxicating tour de Force.

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