South China Sea

South China Sea

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An oil rig goes up in flames in the South China Sea - when AK-47 tracers sew up the night and men die in pools of blood. The SOSUS submarine network catapults the news of the attack on Washington as ChiCom troops are gathering on the Vietnamese border.

Ten Chinese shock troop divisions invade the south and invade aid from US-led emergency Reaction force. But the best warriors of the west are fighting back. The US special forces, the British SAS and the legendary Gurkhas, with their unsheathed kukri knives, are on par with the intruders. Kater and F-18 pulverize the jungle. And Military Sealift Command is launching cruisers Aegis and Wasp-Iwo Jima, as well as attack ships of the Spruance class, led by Sea Wolf submarines, into the South China Sea.

From Japan to Malaysia, the Pacific is on fire - in a hell called ... WORLD WAR III

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