TOP-5 Best Marketing books all-time

Times are changing, the world is getting Digital, online media supplanted the genuine human-to-human correspondence… In any case, there are rules that stop. These establishments, in view of brain science and economy,  will explore you to a right arrangement paying little heed to the conditions and patterns.


Marketing Management (Kotler, Keller)

The 15th edition of Marketing Management is a landmark entry in the long successful history of the market leader. With the 15th edition, great care was taken to provide an introductory guide to marketing management that truly reflects the modern realities of marketing. In doing so, classic concepts, guidelines, and examples were retained while new ones were added as appropriate. Three broad forces—globalization, technology, and social responsibility—were identified as critical to the success of modern marketing programs. These three topics are evident all through the text.


Marketing Made Simple

Marketing is neither complex nor original. Personal dialogue has always existed between customers and producers. At one time craftsmen knew their customers personally and to gain repeat business they had to provide satisfactory service and ‘care’ for customers.

Marketing: An Introduction (Kotler, Armstrong)

As a team, Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler provide a blend of skills uniquely suited to writing an introductory marketing text. Professor Armstrong is an award-winning teacher of undergraduate business students. Professor Kotler is one of the world’s leading authorities on marketing. Together they make the complex world of marketing practical, approachable, and enjoyable.