Best Ebooks on Content Marketing in PDF

Content is the King. How many times did you hear that? Perhaps a lot. The reason for this is its importance and crucial effect it has on the marketing efficiency. Regardless of your budget, regardless of backlinks and other stuff - without a well-written and well-thought content you won't succeed. Learn the Content marketing principles and insights from the best free e-books.


Classic Marketing textbooks: TOP 3 best to read

Times are changing, the world is getting Digital, social media replaced the real-life human-to-human communication... But there are principles that stand still. These foundations, based on psychology and economy,  will navigate you to a correct solution regardless of the circumstances and trends.    


Best E-Books to learn SEO in 2020

Check the best e-books on Search Engine Optimization and learn how to boost your Google rankings. Discover content, linkbuilding. on-page SEO strategies and apply you new skills to bolster business performance or to become a high-valued professional in trending niche.


TOP 5 free e-books on Social Media Marketing

Social Media is surely something that every marketer should. Importantly, he should learn how to adapt the basic marketing principles to social media platforms. In 2014 you could just post something and collect traffic; in 2020th you need research and certain knowledge level to be successful. Check our list of the best Social Media Marketing books, download them for free and implement learnings into your business!